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A great save is a rush. Emotion, sweat, adrenaline, courage. All that and more. The new Wave goalie stick gives you the confidence to own the crease with its superior balance and control, Big Bang (it’s not just a theory here) shell reinforcement for the screamers that make those other wussy goalies flinch, and vibration dampeners so the hardest shots won’t rattle your cage. Dominate the goal and Wave the puck goodbye.

Fused One-Piece Construction
Molded stick in two separate processes where shaft and blade are fused by heat and pressure in lower area of stick. This connection process leads to consistent flex and increased torsional strength 

Carbon Elite Construction 
Warrior's proprietary elite construction package is the ultimate combination of light weight and and power. High-modulus, low-weight aerospace-grade laminate provides strength under extreme flex, and most efficient energy transfer

First use of this revolutionary material in the aid of vibration and shock reduction in composite goalie sticks. Less vibration leads to a more solid paddle feel and deadens puck rebound. Reduced vibration shock to the blocker hand and closer to a form core feel without the weight.

Concentrated center weight makes handle and blade feel super light for lightning-quick reflex movement and less blocker-hand fatigue.

Woven fiber reinforced shell for added durability in key impact areas in handle, paddle and blade. Increased impact durability and more solid feel on impact.



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