GOALIE KING INC. priorizes s safe transactions and constantly keeps its security systems updated to avoid any issues customers could experience with unsecured websites. GOALIE KING INC. uses the most secure transaction process called SSL.

SSL protection
- Many online transactions are protected by the security protocol SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer.
- Today SSL is considered more than enough security for consumers to do business with merchants they know and trust.

How SSL works
- SSL helps the consumer's browser automatically scramble their information—such as a credit card number—before it gets sent to the merchant. After that, SSL allows only the merchant's software to unscramble this data. Through SSL, customers can complete transactions with the assurance that no one else can read or change their payment information as it travels over the Internet.
- SSL provides you with sound privacy protection by encrypting the channel of communication. Using a mathematical formula, SSL puts the information you exchange into a complex code. Think of it as an armor over the information. Even if intercepted, your data would be extremely difficult to read.

If you have any questions regarding GOALIE KING INC.'s security system, transaction process or information gathering. You can contact one of our representatives at support@goalieking.com. At GOALIE KING INC., we understand how important secured transactions are to the online market and wish to bring you the best, most sophisticated ways to keep your information safe and secured.